Nia Cosby.  California Licensed Esthetician and Certified Massage Therapist


Uses the best products on the market to offer the best results! Currently offering skincare services with Glymed Plus skincare products 


Why I do what I do: I believe in taking negative experiences, negative spiritual energy and using it to fuel positive life changes.

When I was about 9 years of age my face began to break out with type 1 acne; from then on the issue became progressively worse. 

Had I known then the information that is available to the world today, I would have started eating better and exercising regularly. Although I am a dark complected African American woman I would have worn sunscreen faithfully, because through education on proper skin health I learned that everyone needs proper protection from UV Rays.

Instead of looking at the negative I desired to fix the problem and then help others going through the same situation; and it has been a great journey. UPDATE: Many are asking why I chose to go back to school mid career. The answer is simple there was a need amongst my clients: many are cancer survivors others came in mentioning pains. So I became a massage therapist.